by Taylor Eruysal

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egg Felt like listening to some chiptune today and I stumbled upon this. Its really well done! Good job!

Your words about splitting creative energy are very reassuring, I've had similar worries. Thank you for making all this wonderful art! :)
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A lot of people ask what the title "Kintsukuroi" means. It's a Japanese pottery technique that involves repairing broken pottery with gold or silver. Rather than conceal the cracks, Kintsukuroi honors it, stating the initial damage is not only an important part of the piece's history, but the start of a beautiful healing process.

Going through my early years of college, I enjoyed video game design, 2D art, 3D art, and writing music on the side. Each ability had challenges and joys, and I wanted to make the most of my ideas by using each one. However, I began to doubt myself, worrying that I was splitting my creative energy into too many directions. I believed that I was robbing myself of a perceived singular mastery.

Eventually, however, I realized that each medium I create art with adds a new perspective and a new way of thinking and working with the others. I am stronger because I am diverse. I am not a contradiction. With this, my creative energy returned, and a great deal of doubt and sadness was lifted from my shoulders. Writing this album was a cathartic experience for me.

So here I am today: an artist, a game designer, and a musician. When I compose, I see landscapes. When I design video games, I hear music. And I am very, very grateful for all of it.

- Taylor Eruysal, 7/5/2017


released July 5, 2017

All music and album artwork created, composed, and mastered by Taylor Eruysal




Taylor Eruysal New York, New York

Taylor is a guy who enjoys making a lot of different things. He hopes you'll like some of those things, too.

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